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I want my boy to play with dolls and my girl to play in the dirt, and I want them both to grow up to be whatever they want to be.Online Now.Our boys were all under the age of two when they were trained and I really enjoyed having them trained early.Many a potty-training parent has faced the public-pee dilemma: There are some who think it is no big deal—kids can't control themselves, goes their thinking.After noticing that your child has been exhibiting certain readiness signsFor example, she's waking up from her naps or nighttime slumber dry and maybe she's even showing more independence in other non-potty training facets of her life you decided your little one is ready to start potty training.Your toddler's first time at preschool or day care is sooo exciting … maybe a bit too exciting.

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Toilet training is teaching your child to recognize his or her body signals for urinating and having a bowel movement and using a potty chair or toilet correctly and at the appropriate times.Potty training.We waited to do it because I was pregnant and we didn't want to add to the already stressful event of adding a new sibling.

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