Caffeine + breast swelling

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The effects of methylxanthines caffeine, theophylline and theobromine on the symptoms associated with fibrocystic breast disease were studied in patients.In most cases, breast pain is a by-product of reproductive life: Like breast swelling, it waxes and wanes during the menstrual cycle, and it's one of the first symptoms of pregnancy.Photo by Getty Images.Breasts are made up of four main tissue structures: fat tissue, milk ducts, glands, and connective tissue.Dear Dr.These changes are sometimes called fibrocystic changesand used to be called fibrocystic disease.

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Many women have been there: Suddenly, there's some soreness in your breasts, and you go from thinking it's just a little tenderness to "I'm pregnant" or "I have a fatal disease.

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No, caffeine doesn't appear to cause breast cysts fibrocystic breast changesa noncancerous benign breast disease.Health headlines always seem to include a study about caffeine, and whether or caffeine consumption is linked to breast cancer is often raised.But, damn, they can be painful sometimes.

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